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Kamol Cosmetic Hospital

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital Prices

  1. Breast Surgeries
  2. Nose Surgery
  3. Eye Surgery
  4. Lip Surgery
  5. Cheek Surgery
  6. Chin Surgery
  7. Forehead, Face and Neck Surgery
  8. Hair Transplantation
  9. Jaw Surgery
  10. Liposuction / Lipectomy
  11. Buttock Surgery
  12. Fat Transfer/ Other
  13. Sex Reassignment Surgery - Male to Female
  14. Sex Reassignment Surgery - Female to Male
ProceduresPrice (Baht)AnesthesiaHospitalization
 Nose SurgeryFromTo  
Augmentation Rhinoplasty with Silicone implant             31,500             42,000LA-
Augmentation Rhinoplasty with e-PTFE             84,000           105,000LA-
Alarplasty              15,750LA-
Reduction Rhinoplasty (Dorsal, Lateral, Tip)           105,000           210,000GA1 night
Additional charge for Ear Cartiage, e-PTFE             31,500             52,500  
Correction Rhinoplasty             31,500             52,500LA-
Revision Rhinoplasty           105,000           210,000GA1 night
 Eye Surgery    
Upper Blepharoplasty              26,250LA-
Lower Blepharoplasty              26,250LA-
Epicanthoplasty (Medial Angle of Eye) per side              15,750LA-
Lateral Canthoplasty (Lateral Angle of Eye) per side              15,750LA-
Double Eye lid Surgery / Japanese Eye              15,750LA-
Eyebrow Lift            105,000GA1 night
Eyebrow Lift with Endoscope            126,000GA1 night
Eye Brow Lift with Endotine           126,000           157,500GA1 night
Ptosis (per eye)             21,000             31,500LA-
 Lip Surgery    
Lip Enhancement (Alloderm)             84,000           105,000LA-
Fat injection              52,500LA-
Filler per cc.              21,000LA-
Upper Lip Lift              26,250LA-
Angle of Mouth Lift (Smiling Mouth)              31,500LA-
              73,500GA1 night
Lip Reduction (Upper / Lower) per side              26,250LA-
Corner of Lips Liposuction              84,000GA1 night
    Update  08 Nov 2014 by NR
ProceduresPrice (Baht)AnesthesiaHospitalization
 Cheek SurgeryFromTo  
Cheek Augmentation (Silicone)             84,000           105,000GA1 night
Cheek Augmentation (E-PTFE)           105,000           126,000GA1 night
Cheek bone Reduction (Side)            157,500GA1 night
Cheek bone Reduction (Front)            157,500GA1 night
Cheek bone Reduction (Front + Side)            210,000GA1 night
Fat injection             63,000             84,000LA / GA- / 1 night
Cheek Liposuction              84,000GA1 night
 Chin Surgery    
Chin Augmentation              26,250LA-
              84,000GA1 night
Chin Augmentation by Fixing screw             84,000           105,000GA1 night
Chin Augmentation with e-PTFE              84,000LA-
            126,000GA1 night
Chin Shaving / Reduction / Shortening           105,000           210,000GA1 night
Chin Sliding forward and backward           105,000           157,500GA1 night
Under Chin Liposuction             36,750             63,000LA-
              84,000GA1 night
 Forehead, Face and Neck Surgery    
Forehead Shaving           105,000           157,500GA1 night
Forehead Reduction                     -             210,000GA1 night
Forehead Lift             84,000           105,000GA1 night
Forehead Lift by Endoscope           105,000           126,000GA1 night
Forehead Augmentation with E-PTFE           147,000           189,000GA1 night
Brow Bossing Shaving             84,000           126,000GA1 night
Hairline Lowering             84,000           126,000GA1 night
Mini Face Lift             84,000           105,000GA1 night
Full Face Lift            157,500GA1 night
Face Lift with Endotine            210,000GA1 night
Neck Lift              52,500GA1 night
Neck Lift with Endotine            105,000GA1 night
Otoplasty per side (Bat Ear)             15,750             21,000LA-
Adam's Apple Shaving             21,000             42,000LA-
              63,000GA1 night
    Update  08 Nov 2014 by NR
ProceduresPrice (Baht)AnesthesiaHospitalization
 Hair TransplantationFromTo  
Follicular Unit Transplantation (Strip Technique) per graft 75LA 
                       2,000 - 2,500 grafts 115,500LA 
                       3,000 - 3,500 grafts 157,500LA 
Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) per graft 130LA 
Jaw Surgery    
Jaw Reduction            157,500GA1 night
Jaw Augmentation            105,000GA1 night
Breast Surgery    
Breast Augmentation (Sub mammary, Peri-Areola)                      -    
                       Round Shape less than 385 cc.            105,000GA1 night
                       Rond Shape 435-485 cc.            131,250GA1 night
                       Rond Shape 525-695 cc.            157,500GA1 night
                       Rond Shape Over 700 cc.            189,000GA-
Teardrop Shape                      -             189,000GA1 night
Additional charge for surgery with Endoscope (Axilla)              21,000  
Breast Reduction           105,000           210,000GA1 night
Nipple Reduction per side                     -               31,500LA-
Areola Reduction per side             31,500             52,500LA-
Breast Lift             84,000           157,500GA1 night
 Liposuction / Lipectomy    
Body Sculpture (Traditional) Whole body                     -             346,500GA2 nights
Liposuction (Traditional) First point                     -               52,500GA1 night
                   Additional point                     -               26,250GA1 night
Liposuction (Traditional) 4-5 points                     -             105,000GA1-2 nights
Liposuction (Traditional) 6-7 points                     -             157,500GA1-2 nights
Lipectomy with  umbilical transposition           105,000           157,500GA3 nights
Mini Lipectomy           105,000           157,500GA1 night
Six Pack (M) or Sexy Line (F) Creation            189,000GA2 nights
Liposuction VASER per point                52,500GA2 nights
Buttock Surgery    
Buttock Augmentation           157,500           210,000GA3 nights
Hip Augmentation           157,500           210,000GA3 nights
    Update  08 Nov 2014 by NR
ProceduresPrice (Baht)AnesthesiaHospitalization
Bariatic Surgery                     -             525,000GA3 nights
Labiaplasty              42,000             63,000LA 
             84,000           105,000GA1-2 nights
Vaginal Repair             63,000           105,000GA2 nights
Fat Transfer    
Forehead                     -               84,000LA-
                     -             105,000GA1 night
Temporal                     -               63,000LA-
                     -               84,000GA1 night
Cheek                     -               63,000LA-
                     -               84,000GA1 night
Laugh lines, Smile lines (Naso labial)                     -               52,500LA-
                     -               73,500GA1 night
Chin                     -               42,000LA-
                     -               63,000GA1 night
Lips                     -               42,000LA-
                     -               63,000GA1 night
Whole Face           157,500           210,000LA-
           157,500           262,500GA1 night
Breast                     -             157,500GA2 nights
Buttock                     -             210,000GA2 nights
    Update  08 Nov 2014 by NR
ProceduresPrice (Baht)AnesthesiaHospitalization
 Sex Reassignment Surgery - Male to FemaleFromTo  
SRS1  Penile Skin Inversion Technique (No Vagina)                     -             257,250GA6 nights
SRS2  Scrotal Skin Graft Technique                     -             300,300GA6 nights
SRS2  Scrotal Skin Graft Technique + Groin                     -             336,000GA6 nights
SRS3  Colon graft by Open Technique                     -             420,000GA7 nights
SRS3  Colon graft  by Laparoscopic Technique                     -             577,500GA7 nights
Colon graft second stage by Open Technique                     -             346,500GA7 nights
Colon graft second stage by Laparoscopic Technique                     -             451,500GA7 nights
SRS Correction and Labiaplasty             84,000           210,000GA1-2 nights
 Sex Reassignment Surgery - Female to Male    
Mastectomy (Scar U-O-I)           105,000           210,000GA2 nights
Nipple Reduction per side                     -               31,500LA-
Areola Reduction per side             31,500             52,500LA-
Oophorectomy and Hysterectomy by Endoscope                     -             126,000GA3 nights
Oophorectomy and Hysterectomy by Open Technique                     -               84,000GA2 nights
Oophorectomy and Hysterectomy by V Technique                     -             105,000GA2 nights
Vaginal Closure                     -             105,000GA2 nights
Urethra Lenghtening                     -               52,500GAmust be done together
Scortoplasty                     -             126,000GA2 nights
Preparing urethra                     -             147,000GA5 nights
Fibula Phalloplasty                     -             577,500GA14 nights
Forearm Phalloplasty                     -             504,000GA14 nights
Thigh flap Phalloplasty                     -             472,500GA14 nights
Connecting Urethra                     -             147,000GA5 nights
Metoidioplasty                     -             189,000GA5 nights

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