History of Thai hospitals

Modern science evolved and medical revolutions appeared in 19th and 20th century. Similarly, hospitals making and working has long history. Here, we are providing brief account of early hospitals in Thailand. They are given below:

Early Hospitals in Thailand

The journey of western medicine to Thailand began with trade relations between Thailand and Portugal. In 1582, Siam established trade relations with European nations. One of impactful relations were built with Portugal. First European visitors were from Portugal. Portuguese doctors also visited Thailand, and use of balm is credited to these visits.

Small French Hospitals in Thailand

Later, France appeared and left strong influence on medical history of Thailand with construction of early hospitals by French missionary leaders. These hospital developed in two buildings; one for male patients and other for female patients. The number of the patients grew with time, and became 90. In these early hospitals, medicine was distributed to people for which 200-300 people waited for acquiring this facility each day outside these small hospitals.

Missionary Groups in Thailand

Christian missionary groups from Europe came to Thailand, and gave numerous services to locals medically. In 19th century, these missionary groups led to construction of first hospital in Thailand. Missionary group of Dr. Samuel Reynolds House, who was from America (State of New York) brought science to locals and nobles, and provided services and medicines to locals for free. Missionary group of Dr. House built hospitals on provincial levels, later. They built first hospital in the province of Phetchaburi by Doctor E.A. Sturg.

First Public Hospital Built By Government

In 1881, cholera spresad in Bangkok. In this emergency, 48 hospitals were constructed by King Chualalongkorn in order to fight epidemic. Unfortunately, these hospitals were not run, and demolished right after epidemic ended.

The Foundation of Siriraj Hospital

King Chulalongkorn bit the dust because of dysentery. King Siriraj Kakuthapan, who was son of King Chulalongkorn, ordered construction of Siriraj Hospital in 1887. King donated land and money for the construction of hospitals in Thailand for Thai people. This hospital is treating large number of people currently very well.

Thai Red Cross Society

A charity organization was founded by King Chualalongkorn. This organization was named Sapha Unalome Daeng. With the passage of time, this organization grew in Thai Red Cross Society.  

Foundation of King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital

After king Chulalongkorn passed away, King Vajiravut and 42 royal family members and royal funded the construction of memorial hospital. It is one of the largest hospitals in Thailand today.

Foundation of Ministry of Public Health

Department of Nursing is predecessor of Ministry of Public Health of Thailand. During the reign of King Anandhamahiol, Rama VIII, Ministry of Public Health was found on March 7th, 1942. Conclusion: Today, Thailand is a provider of excellent healthcare services. Thailand is a world leader in medical tourism.