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Clitoral Hood Reduction Thailand – Designed for Enhance Feeling of Sex!

The Clitoral hood reduction is a surgical procedure to remove the size of the clitoral hood. It reduction is performed most often as part of a Labiaplasty. Some surgeons referred against clitoral hood reduction as part of Labiaplasty. The objective of the clitoral hood reduction may be contributed to the overall objective of Labiaplasty. It is designed for enhance the aesthetic and functional nature of the labia. In most of the cases, the clitoral hood reduction is performed to agree greater exposure of the glans clitoris during stimulation with the goal of enhancing a woman’s sexual experience, involving the likelihood orgasm.

What is the technique to performing Labiaplasty?

There are so many techniques for performing the Labiaplasty, and most of them involve recommendations for performing clitoral hood reduction.

What is my clitoris & where it is?

The clitoris looks like small bud at top end of vaginal opening and it must get pointed out that women’s genitalia look same. On the closer examination each woman has various sized parts of vagina. The vagina and clitoris is been protected by 2 flaps of skin, which look like lips, named labia majora...

What does surgery involve ?

It is similar to the circumcision of male penis and like penis clitoris has hood, which will prevent needed sensitivity in the sexual intercourse. The operation is very delicate and gynaecologist doing it is the expert with great deal of the experience. This is essential as clitoris has nerve endings in that than in tissues surrounding that. Hood is partially removed and split to allow clitoris freedom for enlarging when you feel very much aroused and procedure is done with the laser...

Types Of the Clitoral Surgery

There are 3 main groups of the plastic clitoral procedures : -

Clitorectomy and Clitoral Amputation : The operation just removes all that is seen of clitoris (all of glans clitoris), and generally involves dissection & partial removal of corpora...

Clitoral Recession : - In the procedure, none of clitoral structures are been removed, instead clitoral structures are all dissected out & after that folded up & moved in entirety, and backwards under symphysis pubis...

Clitoral Reduction : - In the procedure glans clitoris is been preserved, and corpora are dissected & partially and totally removed. Most of the procedures now can identify two dorsal clitoral nerves & keep the connection to clitoral glans...

Aims & Benefits Of the Surgery

When female sex of rearing is determined, the current practice is performing the appropriate surgery to make sure genitalia are "normal". Immediate aim is cosmetic and it is been believed that the normal looking female encourage stable gender identity whereas reducing the stigma & psychological distress to happen in kids growing up with the ambiguous genitalia.

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