Types of hospitals


There are two types of hospitals in Thailand: (1) Governmental and (2) Private. So, hospitals in Thailand Are Governmental, Private and Premium Clinics. Every type of hospital has its own characteristics. These hospitals are attended by people with different backgrounds. Let’s find out about these hospitals:

Governmental Hospitals:

  • Staff’s Behavior: Governmental hospitals in Thailand are hygienic, professional and upgraded. Staff is friendly and warm, however, you may not experience their friendliness and warmth with your every visit. They might be busy with managing and attending large crowds at hospital, so you may not see them in their best demeanor.
  • Appointments: In order to get treated in government hospitals, you will have to wake up early in the morning at 6:00 AM. Then, you will have to spend hours waiting for your turn. This is so because of large crowds wanting to get treated in Thai governmental hospitals.
  • International Patients: There is no International English Desk in Thai governmental hospitals. Doctors and Staff would know Basic English only.
  • Cost of Treatment: Governmental hospitals charge Thai citizens very low amount. They charge Expatriates or Tourists considerable amount. Find out more about public hospitals here.

Private Hospitals:

  • Staff’s Treatment: Staff treats you individually and your treatment is personalized in private hospitals. Doctors and staff makes sure you visit them once again.
  • Waiting for Appointments: You do not have to wait in private hospitals. These hospitals have staff and doctors who are trained highly and specialized in their professions.
  • International Patient’s Management: Their staff is well versed with English, Japanese, Chinese and more languages to manage overseas patients.
  • Cost of Treatment: Private hospitals in Thailand are more expensive than governmental hospitals. Private hospitals charge 1000-2000 baht per appointment.

Premium Clinics:  

  • Staff’s Behavior: Their staff is very well educated and experienced the way private hospital staff is. These hospitals have doctors that are immensely experienced and erudite in their profession. These doctors are professors in medical schools.
  • International Patient’s Treatment: They provide international patients with modern and upgraded medical treatment. They give great healthcare services internationally.
  • Waiting for Turn: You do not have to wait for your turn for hours. You are attended in shorter period of time.
  • Cost of Treatment: Cost of treatment is very affordable in Premium Clinics. You are treated in these clinics for one third amount of private hospitals. You are given treatment with attention, care and professionalism in premium clinics the same way you are treated in private hospitals.
  • Unique Characteristic of Premium Clinic: This is a socializing and charity kind of hospitals in Thailand. When you pay for your treatment in these hospitals, you are paying for others. Your paid bills are spent on patients who cannot afford to pay their bills.

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